Christchurch Polish History

Pope John Paul II at Christchurch

Pope John Paul II flew to Christchurch the following morning where he held an ecumenical liturgy at the Catholic cathedral and celebrated mass at Lancaster Park on November 24, 1986.

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Polish immigrants arrive at Port Lyttleton

The first Port to receive a shipment of Polish immigrants to New Zealand aboard the Friedeburg in 1872.  This was followed by the Stonehouse 1874, Dunedin 1874, St. Lawrence 1874, Gutenburg 1874, Waimate 1875, Conflict 1876 and Countess of Kinfore 1876.

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Polish Settlers Place

The first shipment of Polish immigrants arrived at Lyttleton aboard the Friedeburg and set up the first Polish settlement in New Zealand at Marshland.  Polish Settlers Place in Marshland commemorates 145th anniversary of Polish settlement in New Zealand.

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