Polish Community Trust Bay of Plenty

Our mission:
Cherishing Polish heritage – far from our roots but close to our hearts

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Saint Mary Immacultae

Bruno Stankiewicz donated a Holy Family picture to the church. He brought it to New Zealand after visiting family in Gdańsk in the 1980s.

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Planet FM – Halo Tu Polska

Here is a one-stop shop for Polish Kiwis wanting to connect with the language and culture of Poland in Auckland.

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Church of the Immaculate Conception

Tablets on the Wall of Remembrance are held at the Church of the Immaculate Conception, in memory of the Polish settlers who attended the parish.

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The Polish Association in New Zealand

The Polish Community in Wellington, New Zealand, is a vibrant, social and culturally active community, that aims to share its rich Polish culture with the wider community and to pass on our culture to future generations.

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Geoffrey Potocki de Montalk

Count Geoffrey Wladislas Vaile Potocki de Montalk (10 June 1903 – 14 April 1997) was a poet, polemicistpagan and pretender to the Polish throne.

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