Julius Charles Eberhard Matthies

Julius Charles Eberhard Matthies

(1830-1875) migrated to New Zealand in August 1862 aboard of “Ring Dove”, settled at Hokitika where he set up business as Cabinet Maker. He was more renowned for his work for the Vogel administration as an Immigration Agent. He was warned about the dangers but returned to Poland to claim the family inheritance, was caught, imprisoned and died in Poland on 7 July 1875.

prince alois konstantin drucki luecki

Prince Alois Konstantin Drucki-Lubecki

Born in 1802 in Warsaw, Poland. Alois took part in the Polish-Russian war of 1830-31 as an officer in the Polish National Army and after the end of the fighting, together with thousands Polish patriots he was forced to emigrate. He arrived in Dunedin 1863 and named his new residence Kłodno after the battle he had fought. Alois Duffus Lubecki Jr. in 1924 established Postgraduate Scholarship in Applied Sciences at Otago University, Dunedin

samuel edward shrimski

Samuel Edward Shrimski (Szramski)

born in 1839 in Poznan, Poland, arrived in NZ in 1861 via London and Melbourne. In 1874 became Mayor of Oamaru, in 1876 he was elected onto the House of Representatives and serves for 8 years as a Member of Parliament, founder of the Waitaki High School, of which he was first Chairman of the Board of Governors, treasurer of the Oamaru Hospital Board.