Fabich/Dodunski Family

The family name of FABICH originated from the small town of Pomeranian, KOKOSZKI, in Poland. On arrival of migrants to New Zealand the surname was changed to FABISH Apparently in Poland they had small farms and supplemented their incomes by working for a German called Wurtz/Wircca/Werker who owned two adjoining villages. When the Franco-Prussion War…

Ray Watembach

Ray Watembach is the great-grandson of four of the first Polish settlers in New Zealand. His paternal great-grandparents sailed on the friedeburg in 1872 and his maternal great-grandparents on the fritz reuter in 1876. His grandfather, Józef Watemburg, was five, the same age as his grandmother, Mariane Niestrowska, when she arrived with her parents and younger brother four years later.